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A pair of giant pandas offered by the Chinese mainland are going to leave Ya'an Tuesday for Taiwan.

Beijing, Taipei Museums to Host Joint Exhibition
Artifacts from Beijing's Palace Museum and Taipei's "National Palace Museum" are on course to be displayed together after nearly six decades of separation.
New Year's Gift for the Poor and Unemployed
Eastern China's metropolis of Shanghai will spend 350 million yuan (US$51 million) helping less well-off locals enjoy a relatively prosperous New Year's Day and the Spring Festival.
Hair Salon Pimp Has His Appeal Rejected
A hair salon owner who advertised prostitution services online had his appeal for a lighter sentence rejected Monday.
• New Year's Gift for the Poor and Unemployed
• Hair Salon Pimp Has His Appeal Rejected
• Beijing, Taipei Museums to Host Joint Exhibition
• Mannequins "Dance" at Time Square in Shanghai
• Santa Claus' Close Touch with Shark
• Mainland Panda Pair Ready to Leave for Taiwan
• Jobseekers Frustrated as Employment Worsens
• Drop in Jet Fuel Prices to Lower Flight Fares
• Dugongs' Debut at the Sydney Aquarium
• UNICEF Finds Parents Restrict Kids' Freedoms
• Golden Monkey Gets Induced Abortion
• Thrifty Owners Abandon Pets to Save Money
• Taipei Zoo Well-prepared for Panda Pair
• Netizens Call for Interactive Gov't Websites
• Husband on Trial for Wife's Murder
• Inscriptive Statues Help Decipher Ancient Language
• Monks Breathe Life into Temple
• Countdown to 2009
• Real-name system can effectively curb the high price tickets reselling
• US Retailers Feel Chirstmas Chill amid Unfavorable Weather
• Christmas drives Chinese People to Churches
• Hourly News 2008-12-26

Editor's Choice
• John Woo to Present Oriental Titanic in "1949"
• Men behind the Movies
• Chow Steps Down as Director of "Green Hornet"
• New Report on 'Comfort Women' Published
• 'Dragonball' Posters Published

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• HR Advisor (China National Logging Corporation, Beijing)
• Copy Editor (China Economist, Bio-month Magazine)
• Business Assistant/Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd.
• English Teacher (Guizhou)
• Qualified Nursery & Kindergarten Teachers and Teaching Assistants (Beijing)
• ESL Certificated Teacher(March 07 to Feb.08, Shanghai)
• ESL Teacher/Part-time, Beijing

Nanjing Travel Guide
Nanjing, historically also Nanking, is the capital city of Jiangsu Province in the People's Republic of China. It is situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and is the central city of the lower Yangtze Basin.
Art Beijing 2008
Teachers Show Live Music Really Matters
Greek Sport Art on Show in Beijing
Dragon Boat Festival
Entertainment   Guide
Home in Shop, Neighbors in Home
A Beijing-based American artist has initiated a project in a hutong to explore the relationship between public and private spaces.

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